Smart Parking Light is a software and hardware solution for the outdoor lighting system of parking lots, squares, parks and similar objects. If necessary, the solution can be scaled.
The hardware part of the solution consists of lighting corps equipped with power supplies that have the ability to control the lighting corps (on, off, change brightness) and controllers with the same capabilities. In addition, the controllers have the function to communicate with the Global Internet Network via LoRa technology (NB-IoT, Zigbee, etc).
The software part of the solution is hosted on a server that provides users with an interactive interface for implementing the lighting control functions at the facility, such as:
  • lamp inventory;
  • visualization of the placement of light pillars in the parking lot;
  • control the level of lighting in the parking lot in automatic mode;
  • the ability to set the schedule for changing the luminance level for each lamp (group of lamps) individually;
  • control of the light level of individual light supports (group of supports) in manual mode;
  • receiving reports and statistics on the consumed electricity;
  • receiving information about abnormal events or errors in the lighting system with automatic notification of the responsible person;
  • multi-user mode of operation, with the division of user rights;
  • the possibility of controlling several parking lots with the appointment of persons responsible for them.
For you to get familiarized with all the functions of the solution, we have created a demo version.
After clicking on the link, you will be asked to register in the Smart Parking Light system and a personal account will be created. A letter with the credentials will be sent to your e-mail.
We are open to suggestions and comments.
Hope you will have a nice experince using “Smart Parking Light”.