Reduce CO2 emission by dimming your parking at night


The idea of using controlled lighting is becoming increasingly popular, because this saves electricity and extends the lifetime of outdoor lamps. This is made possible by the fact that LEDs are being increasingly used to illuminate various objects: from apartments to avenues. The possibility of dimming (brightness reduction) is one of the strengths of LED lighting...
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We all have long been accustomed to the warm, orange-golden lighting of our cities. This is not surprising, because the HPS lamps in the overwhelming majority of cases illuminate our streets and are one of the most effective sources of light. The first to massively begin to use low-pressure lamps-LPL, which were replaced by more technological mercury gas-discharge lamps, and those in turn were replaced by HPSL- high-pressure sodium-vapor lamps...
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We provide custom ready-to-deploy solution. Software and hardware convergence. You can use any lamp manufacturer you want, but you can see our preferred items...

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